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Oakwood Labs has over twenty years of experience developing and manufacturing sustained release and targeted release injectable drugs. When it comes to our microsphere technology, we are a leading manufacturer for sustained release and controlled release pharmaceuticals.

Although these technologies are similar, there are some differences between controlled release and sustained release technologies. Learn more about controlled release vs. sustained release drugs below.

controlled release vs. sustained release

What Is Sustained Release Technology?

Sustained release technology is characterized by the slow releasing of a specific substance at a programmed rate to deliver the drug for a prolonged period of time. This type of technology is used for drugs that are metabolized too quickly and are eliminated from the body shortly after administration.

What Is Controlled Release Technology?

Controlled release technology is characterized by releasing drugs according to a predictable and rational programed rate to achieve the optimal serum-drug concentration. This dosage form enhances the safety, efficacy, reliability, and convenience of drug therapy.

Although this is a slow releasing system, unlike sustained release, this process is designed to produce predictable, constant concentrations of the drug. For this approach, the concentration of the active ingredient in the target tissue is controlled, not just the release of the drug.

Controlled Release vs. Sustained Release Technology

Sustained Release Drugs vs. Controlled Release Drugs: What’s the Difference?
Even though controlled release technology and sustained release technology are very similar, there are some distinctions to note between the two.

The key differences between controlled release and sustained release include:

  • Sustained release is a slow release of medication over a period of time, whereas control release releases medication over time in correlation with concentration.
  • Sustained release medication is offered solely by way of oral dosage, while controlled release can be via oral, transdermal administration, or other means.
  • Sustained release technology is first-order kinetic and controlled release technology is zero-order kinetic.

Advantages to Controlled Release and Sustained Release Technology

Controlled and sustained release can both be very beneficial. Some of these benefits include:

  • The frequency of drug administration is reduced
  • Patient compliance is improved, and drug administration is more convenient
  • There is better control of drug absorption and the total amount of a drug administered can be reduced
  • Side effects can be reduced
  • There is a minimization of fluctuations in plasma level

Also, controlled release and sustained release technology can be very effective as dosage forms. Oakwood Labs is a global leader in sustained release drug delivery and works to provide reliable and high-quality pharmaceuticals.

Choose Oakwood Labs for Your Controlled Release Technology

At Oakwood Labs, we have years of experience in developing and manufacturing sustained release drugs. Our microsphere technology can solve the most complex challenges and supports all phases of sustained release injectables.

We pride ourselves on our ability to achieve milestones within set deadlines, provide transparent communication, adapt to change, and offer our expertise throughout the entire process. 

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