A Look at Extended-Release and Modified-Release Drugs

extended-release drugs

Medications are classified and categorized in many ways including when it comes to distribution methods, dosage, intent, and more. For the purposes of this post, we are going to focus on the rate at which medications are released in the body to serve their intended function.

The time it takes for a drug to run its course will impact all of the characteristics mentioned above, so we’ll look at extended-release medication and modified-release medication and how it applies to drug delivery.

What Is the Difference Between Immediate-Release Drugs and Extended-Release Drugs?

Immediate-Release Drugs

For the purposes of comparison and to fully understand the role of extended-release medications, we’ll start by acknowledging the most common oral dosage for medication, which is immediate release. Any medications classified as immediate release, or IR, go to work very quickly and for a short period of time.

Modified-Release Drugs

As part of an effort to administer medications more conveniently and provide worthwhile options for patients, modified-release medications began appearing on the market. These medications were developed to extend and/or delay their effects to better aid the patient. Their design often means that a patient is required to take medication less frequently, which in many cases is majorly beneficial to their lifestyle.

Modified-release drugs, also known as extended-release drugs or slow-release drugs, are designed to last longer in your body. For example, someone administered an extended-release medication may only need to take one to two doses as opposed to three to four doses of an IR medication. From a physiological standpoint, these medications are absorbed much slower by the patient and do not start breaking down until they reach a certain area of the body.

What Purposes Do Slow-Release Drugs Serve and How Can Oakwood Labs Help?

As mentioned above, modified-release drugs require less frequent doses while still delivering the same medicinal benefits as their counterpart IR medications. This can be quite beneficial when it comes to an individual who has trouble taking medication on a set schedule or more than once a day.

One type of extend-release medication that is frequently used is long-acting injectables. Oakwood Labs is a leader in the development and manufacturing of these extended-release injectables, and some benefits of this type of drug administration include:

  • Fewer injections needed over a determined period of time
  • Ability to target precise areas of the body
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Help in preventing drug abuse

Our team has over 20 years of drug encapsulation experience and can work closely with you in developing long-acting injectables for your needs. Visit our homepage to learn about everything we can provide.

Contact Oakwood Labs for Extended-Release Medications

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