What Are Extended Release Drugs?

extended-release drugsExtended-release drugs are very common in the pharmaceutical industry but can be difficult to understand and identify. For example, oral medications can be labeled with different acronyms such as ER, SR, and CR, which stand for extended release, sustained release, and controlled release.

It is important to note that “extended-release pharmaceuticals” is an umbrella term for both sustained- and controlled-release pharmaceuticals. These drugs are part of a series called modified-release dosage forms, which refers to the medication’s time-release technology.

Typically, the drugs you ingest are immediate release, which means they are instantly activated when they are ingested. However, extended-release, sustained-release, and controlled-release drugs are modified pharmaceuticals designed to release at a delayed or slower rate to change how and when the drug hits your system.

A Breakdown on Extended-Release Pharmaceuticals

Extended-release drugs were created to offset the side effects that come with traditional, immediate-release drugs. IR drugs are designed to release a spike of medication into the bloodstream that then tapers off. Because of this, extended-release pharmaceuticals offset that spike of medication to provide a steadier amount of medication into the body.

Controlled-Release Medication

  • These are medications that are labeled with “CR” at the end of their medical names
  • CR drugs can release active ingredients at a very specific rate to ensure there is a constant medication flow in the body for a specific period of time
  • Due to their medication-regulating abilities, fewer doses are required throughout the day

Sustained-Release Medication

  • These are medications that are labeled with “SR” at the end of their medical names
  • SR tablets or capsules prolong the medication’s release to dole out the benefits of the medication over a longer time period
  • Although the medication is released over a longer period, the medication levels do not remain constant while in the body

Extended-Release Injectables from Oakwood Labs

Here at Oakwood Labs, we are your source for extended-release injectables. With over 20 years of drug encapsulation experience, we have patented technology to control particle size, customize release durations, and minimize residual solvents.

Our team of professionals has the ability to perform research and develop specially formulated extended-release injectables for our customers’ specific needs. Some benefits of our extended-release injectables include:

  • Reducing the number of injections needed
  • Ability to target specific anatomical areas
  • Improved patient compliance
  • Helping to prevent drug abuse

Extended-release drugs make it simpler for individuals to take medications on a regular basis, as these drugs are easier for the body to tolerate in comparison to immediate-release pharmaceuticals. Due to their modified composition, fewer doses are required, making it simpler to stick to a medication schedule.

Overall, extended-release pharmaceuticals allow your body to feel the effects of the specific medication over a longer time period, but via fewer doses. Understanding the specifics of extended-release drugs is important so you can predict how your body will react.

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Mark Ilhan