What Are Some Types of Long-Acting Injectables?

types of long-acting injectablesIn the world of medicine, there are several methods by which clinical professionals administer drugs to their patients for the purposes of treatment, recovery, illness prevention, and/or relief. The most widely known methods of administering drugs are orally, topically, and via injections.

Choosing the most effective method is based on many different factors but include the patient and their medical history, desired outcome, type of drug, and more. Long-acting injectables are one method of drug administration that is particularly favorable among clinical professionals due to the convenience and effectiveness. Below, we’ll review the benefits of different types of long-acting injectables and how they are developed and manufactured. 

What Is a Long-Acting Injectable?

A long-acting injectable is an injection method which allows for the gradual release of medication into the bloodstream. There are different types of long-acting injectables, and their effects can last anywhere from two to twelve weeks with just one dose depending on the medication.

Different types of long-acting injectables are commonly used as alternative treatments for those individuals who have trouble taking daily or regular medicines in the form of liquids, tablets, or capsules.

Different Types of Long-Acting Injectables

Since their introduction into clinical practices in the early 1960s, long-acting injectable antipsychotic drugs have been widely used as maintenance therapy and a reliable treatment option for those with psychotic disorders, such as schizophrenia.

These different types of long-acting injectables vary in terms of how often they need to be administered as well as how long their medical benefits will last. A few of the most commonly administered long-acting injectable antipsychotic drugs used today include:

  • Fluphenazine
  • Haloperidol decanoate
  • Risperidone

Answering the Question: Why Are Different Types of Long-Acting Injectables Important?

Long-acting injectable drugs allow for the slow release of medicine into the blood and their effects can last anywhere from two to twelve weeks, making them a practical option for those who have trouble taking medicine on a regular or daily basis. Other benefits of these different types of long-acting injectables include:

  • No need to remember to take medications every day
  • Routine interactions between patient and medical staff for injection visits
  • Overall reduced relapse frequency and rehospitalization rates
  • Reduces the risk of accidental or purposeful overdose
  • Treating patients with more stable plasma concentrations than oral medications

Considerations When Utilizing Long-Acting Injectables

As with any clinical solution or medication, there are potential side effects to these different types of long-acting injectables that are dependent upon various factors. Some considerations to these drug alternatives may include:

  • Prolonged period to achieving steady-state levels
  • Slow dose titration
  • Less flexibility of dose adjustment
  • Delayed desertion of distressing and/or severe side effects
  • Pain at the injection site can occur
  • Leakage into the subcutaneous tissue and/or the skin can cause irritation
  • Burden of frequent travel to outpatient clinics or home visits by community nurses for their administration
  • Perception of stigma

Many Different Types of Long-Acting Injectables Can Be Manufactured at Oakwood Labs

Oakwood Labs is a leading developer of sustained-release pharmaceuticals with over 20 years of drug encapsulation experience. We offer support throughout the development of different types of long-acting injectable, ultimately achieving a product that provides greater remedial benefits to patients around the world.

Our facilities can provide the following to help achieve your project goals, including those involving various types of long-acting injectable:

  • Pre-formulation development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Scaling formulation
  • Toxicology batch manufacturing
  • ICH compliant stability tests
  • Phase I, II, and III clinical trial manufacturing
  • GMP manufacturing (commercial and aseptic)

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Long-acting injectables are a proven method to preventing the intense symptoms associated with mental illnesses and psychotic disorders. Using this clinical method has the ability to put patients on the path to a more stable and prosperous life.

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