The Lyophilization Role in Pharmaceuticals: Why Is It Important?

Since our founding in 1997, Oakwood Labs has stayed up to date on the advancements in pharmaceuticals and has remained an industry leader. Our team is continuously reaching new heights and is committed to growing every day. As part of these efforts, at Oakwood Labs we specialize in the lyophilization of pharmaceuticals.

What Are Lyophilized Pharmaceuticals and Why Are They Important?Lyophilized pharmaceuticals

The lyophilization of pharmaceuticals is a process used in the preservation of biomedical materials. Lyophilization, also known as freeze-drying, is the practice of removing water from a sample to stabilize a drug, vaccine, or biological sample without changing any characteristics of the product, allowing for preservation.

The three stages of the lyophilization of a product are:

  • Freezing – The sample becomes completely frozen in a freeze-drying chamber, removing water. The sample must be cooled below its critical temperature for it to become fully frozen.
  • Primary drying – The frozen material is dried through sublimation. The pressure of the chamber is reduced while temperature is raised slightly. Heat is added to provide energy in the sublimation process.
  • Secondary drying – This entails a desorption process where the remaining solvent is removed. Temperature is raised during this stage and pressure in the chamber is reduced.

After a product has gone through each phase successfully, lyophilization has taken place, and this process allows for products to be stored for a much longer period of time, and for the products to be shipped without harming the sample. After lyophilization occurs, the sample can then be reconstituted to its original form.

The Benefits of the Lyophilization of Pharmaceuticals

The lyophilization of pharmaceuticals has helped the medical industry reach new heights, particularly through the saving and transferring of samples which creates greater access to the product.

Additional benefits of lyophilized pharmaceuticals include:

  • Increase in shelf life of product
  • Easier to store the product
  • Enhanced stability of dry sample
  • No need for excessive heating of the product
  • Easier to ship the product
  • Less biohazard waste
  • Protects the sample from contamination

The lyophilization of pharmaceuticals has allowed for easier use and transferability of pharmaceuticals, pushing the industry forward. Due to its varied benefits, there will likely be continued growth in the use of lyophilization in pharmaceuticals for years to come.

The Future of Lyophilized Pharmaceuticals

It is clear that the use of lyophilization in the pharmaceutical industry will continue to grow. As drugs, vaccines, and other biomedical samples become more complex, the need for stability through lyophilization will only increase.

As biotechnology develops further, lyophilization will be able to support the growth of the industry and benefit new products being created. With lyophilization, products will continue to be more readily available and easily accessible. At Oakwood Labs, we focus on bringing you lyophilized pharmaceuticals that meet your project’s needs. 

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