Development Activities Necessary for a Successful Phase 1 Clinical Trial

Phase 1 Clinical Trials

At Oakwood Labs, we are known for our experience in pharmaceutical research and development. As a premier resource for all phases of development including Phase 1 clinical trials, we continue to lead the industry, delivering products that provide enhanced therapeutic benefits.

A Phase 1 clinical trial is extremely important as it introduces a new drug to human subjects. Considering this study is critical in early phases of drug development, appropriate guidance and guidelines must be in place. To facilitate these Phase 1 clinical trials, Oakwood Labs maintains an aseptic, FDA-approved GMP manufacturing facility.

By having a GMP facility, it allows our team to follow stringent manufacturing practices, ensuring that pharmaceutical products are controlled and produced to the highest quality standards.

The Goal of Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Phase 1 clinical trials place extreme importance on pharma and biotech companies considering that this is how the safety and efficacy of a new drug is tested. Trials are used to assess and outline the best dosing that should be used in later phases, with the Phase 1 clinical trial being a defining moment, as it shows the chances of future commercialization of the drug.

When it comes to Phase 1 clinical trials, some goals include:

  • Demonstrating that patients tolerate the drug well under investigation
  • Ensuring that any adverse effects seen from these studies will be used to characterize the profile of a new medicinal product
  • Determining the correct dosage and testing different schemes of the compound
  • Observing preliminary signs of drug efficacy in regards to the condition or disease being treated

Critical Considerations in a Phase 1 Clinical Trial

With the goal of ensuring high-quality research, certain aspects need to be taken into account when designing trials. Some of the key considerations that our team reflects on in Phase 1 clinical trials include:

  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria – These entail the characteristics of the subjects being treated in a Phase 1 clinical trial.
  • Treatment scheme – This pertains to how the study’s drugs are being administered, suggesting the experimental drug administration dose and sequence with the best chances of success.
  • MTD – An approach is required to determine the maximum tolerated dose (MTD) of the experimental treatment. This necessitates defining dose-limiting toxicities (DLTs), and is a central part of a Phase 1 clinical trial.

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As an industry leader in pharmaceutical development and manufacturing, we are proud to offer numerous services, including:

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